Preparing Building and Automation Professionals for the 21st Century

What is ACP?

ACP is a professional association for the education and certification of professionals and aspiring professionals in the sale, design, installation, maintenance, and optimization of energy management and building automation control systems. ACP is a nonprofit, 501(c)3, organization

Why ACP?

No such association currently exists, yet there is an urgent need to share information across the board as interoperability blurs all boundaries between formerly-proprietary systems.

To meet the needs for universal certification of technicians in the BAS sector as a whole, as this growth industry struggles to find qualified candidates for open positions.

Who Do We Serve?

Academia: Students (K – University), faculty, staff, and administrators

Professionals: Technicians, Programmers, Graphic Designers, Application Engineers, Project Managers, equipment specifiers, sales engineers, manufacturers’ representatives, marketers, product managers, and manufacturing executives.

Professional Organizations: Peer and Professional organizations (for-profit or nonprofit)

Corporate Partners, Sponsors, and Members: Manufacturers, Distributors, Hardware or Software Installers.

Government: County, State and Federal Agencies