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Secondary Academia

Parents, 6-9 Grade School Students, Middle School Faculty and Staff, 10-12 Grade School Students, High School Faculty and Staff

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Post-Secondary Academia

CTEPrograms; 2-Year Colleges (Existing & No BAS Programs), BAS Graduates, Undergrad & Grad Colleges, and College Faculty & Staff

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Incumbent workers, Large-scale BAS Business Employers, Small- to Mid-scale BAS Business Employers, and Recruiters

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Agencies, Organizations & Community 

Community Leaders & Ambassadors, Media, County, State & Federal Level Agencies and Organizations

Preparing a Skilled BAS Workforce
for 21st Century Jobs

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STEM and BAS Career Pathway 

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Workforce Research

ACP’s research mission is to help building automation and controls stakeholders understand the factors transforming the global economy, identify strategic locations, and prepare skilled professionals for the 21st-century automation workforce. Our unique scope of studies and outcomes serve an acute need for characterizing regional BAS and other automation employment opportunities.

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