ACP’s commitment, to formulate customized and relevant solutions to complex challenges, is founded on innovative mindset, verifiable strategies, and comprehensive understanding of clients’ needs. ACP’s diverse consultancy services are designed to provide opportune options on key sectors of building automation education, training, certification and workforce needs to preparing a skilled workforce for 21st-century jobs.

ACP Consultancy Edge


Clarity to Quality

ACP will provide clear and bold solutions to challenges often hidden behind confusing jargon resulting from marginally-defined BAS career pathways into this emerging field.


Sustained Growth & Development

ACP’s unique research strategies will provide tangible tools of management for BAS academic, industry, business, organization, and individual  stakeholders, to optimize and achieve sustained measurable outcomes.


Investing Smartly and Wisely

ACP’s expertise on assistance with planning, coaching and revising grants and funding applications mitigate the often hard, stressful, and time-consuming process required to submit a competitive proposal.  ACP’s extensive network of professionals and organizations may help grantees acquire additional leverage to inch closer towards the success of funding.


Project-based Learning

ACP’s creative and customized educational support solutions, from skill-based curricular solutions to cutting edge laboratory designs, provide unique options to clients interested in leading and promoting BAS career pathways and exceptional  opportunities to positively impact lives of a generation of students.

Desired Outcomes

ACP’s professional consultancy and expertise may help transform your institutional, organizational, business and individual needs, to maximize opportunities to thrive in a competitive BAS marketplace. Our value added system helps;

Identify, prioritize and address risks or gaps  |  Develop a roadmap for success  |  Improve underperforming operations, programs, and initiatives

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