Academic Membership

Enrollment Begins March, 2021

Membership Benefits

  • Online employment and career marketplace to match trained BAS trade professionals with employers. Interview and soft skills resources available for prospective employees.
  • Access to regional and national centers of BAS education and training programs, facilitated through ACP’s Council of AcademicLeaders and Practitioners (CAL-P) Regional Centers of Excellence in building automation systems.
  • Online library of industry guidelines for the educational benefit of members.
  • BAS vendors, manufacturers and distributors directory; and links to technical and engineering tools vetted by ACP.
  • Access to ACP discount codes on product purchases manufactured by ACP preferred partners.
  • Online resources of educational modules, marketplace resources, technical support and interactive open-source forum for creating knowledge partnerships to prepare a 21st century BAS workforce.
  • Scholarships to students of BAS or BAS-related programs, as funds allow.
  • Customized consultancy for curriculum review and development reflecting pedagogical best practices, and for customized BAS lab design and development.
  • Online and on-site customized training, through consultancy services.
  • Grants and funding opportunities for affiliates, partners, and sponsors through collaborative program or project solicitations.
  • Networking opportunities at conferences, workshops, social media, and via online forum.
  • Conferences, workshops, seminars, and other events to promote professional development.
  • Discount on ACP reports, handbooks, and surveys on BAS and energy management research and trends for teaching, research, and administrative use.
  • Monthly digital newsletter significant news and information relevant to BAS and energy management systems.

Academic Membership Inquiry

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