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The Association of Controls Professionals was established as a non-profit organization focused on setting skills standards through certification to align training program, learning outcomes and employer expectations, resulting in more talent in the Building Automation Systems (BAS) field.  We are dedicated to working towards the following goals:

  • Develop non-propietary BAS industry certification for BAS skill-standards and credentialing.
  • Promote BAS career pathways built on STEM-skills among middle school through college students.
  • Establish baseline data of BAS national workforce needs, region by region.
  • Increase equitable access to BAS education and training while also increasing diversity in the workforce.

All media inquiries should be sent to Roz Thomas

Siemens Foundation launches new training program to fill building technology industry skills gap

ACP and the Siemens Foundation will create community college training programs and develop career pathways into local K-12 systems, both aligned to new, non-proprietary industry certifications under development by ACP. This innovative program will focus on reaching traditionally underserved or underrepresented student communities and providing them the opportunity to excel in a software-driven field.

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