Automation Skills, Technology, Education and Promotion in STEM” iis a national initiative focused on increased awareness of Building Automation Systems, STEM-related careers, and equitable access to those opportunities for students. ACP has created an exciting, immersive outreach experience for students, which features a STEM-themed performance, a mobile automation laboratory, live-streaming and podcasting, interactive STEM roundtables with industry professionals, and more!


Project Elements

ACP Automation Adventure

Check out our engaging podcast filled with STEM and STUDENT Champions! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel by clicking here.

A STEP in STEM Events

Virtual and in person events, workshops ,and musical performances to bring awareness of STEM amongst stakeholders in our community!

National BAS Virtual Lab Tours

Meet the professors and learn all about the BAS and STEM programs at your local college through our virtual and in person lab tours.


Become a STEM Champion

Educational, industry and community leaders who support students with the tools and resources needed to propel them into a BAS and STEM career pathway.

Professionals who are ON FIRE FOR STEM!
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Become a Student Champion

Student advocates who encourage and inspire their peers to pursue a career pathway in BAS and STEM.

Students who are ON FIRE FOR STEM!
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