ACP has five established project goals for the life-cycle of the project. In order to fully realize these goals, ACP has devised a comprehensive scaling program which will be implemented over the next three years.


Project Goals

Increase BAS-certified professionals in industry    

Increase BAS certified professionals and their participation rate in BAS careers

Increase BAS programs offerings in institutions of higher learning    

ACP aims to increase the number of colleges offering BAS education and provide guidance to educational institutions about BAS workforce development.

Building awareness about BAS and STEM career pathways    

ACP aims to build awareness about BAS and STEM-related career pathways and bring about notable change in minority participation within the middle-skills workforce

Establish national skill standards for industry    

ACP aims to develop and disseminate skill standards for the BAS industry to prepare the workforce for industry employment and certification.

Establish D.O.L job tracking code for BAS industry    

ACP aims to establish the BAS industry as a profession with its own Department of Labor job-tracking code.

STEM Champions

ACP establishes and cultivates partnerships with various stakeholders, educational institutions, counselors, employers and educators, particularly those within the STEM and BAS industry, whom we like to call “STEM Champions”. The key is to educate these STEM Champions about the many opportunities available to study and pursue a STEM career and in turn, effectively inform their students of the same information. ACP has created innovative ways to educate and inform through various workshops and events. We continue to foster and cultivate deeper local relationships not only with students and higher education colleges, but also with employers in areas of high-demand for BAS and STEM talent. These relationships will form a direct link for high school seniors to feed into our technical colleges and graduating college students to receive career opportunities with employers. 

Project Updates

All scheduled events have been postponed until further notice due to COVID-19. We will continue to assess and monitor the situation and provide updates as and when available. Please still contact us if you are interested in learning more about the program and want us to reserve a date for your school on our Mobile Lab Tour.