About A STEP in STEM Project Launch

ACP, with the support of the Siemens Foundation, has launched  its highly anticipated workforce training program and STEM awareness campaign

The launch is the first step towards transforming the way technical vocations are perceived by society, and by the youth in particular. The launch will form the platform from which some pertinent issues and needs within the BAS industry will be addressed, such as the skill shortages within technical field, the lack of non-proprietary industry recognized certifications, and lack of adequate training programs in institutions of higher learning which prepare the workforce for industry employment and certification. 

Creating Awareness

The program aims to create awareness about BAS and STEM-related career pathways and bring about notable change in minority participation within the middle-skills workforce by providing equitable access to educational programs and career opportunities within the BAS industry. The program also aims to provide students with the tools and resources necessary for them to succeed in the BAS industry by disseminating successful training models, which build awareness of middle-skills career pathways and promote educational equity among underserved populations, thus reducing the opportunity gap and resulting in an increased flow of new talent entering into the field.

ACP is also pioneering the development of the nations’ first non-proprietary certification and in so doing, ensuring industry-wide recognition for professionals within the building automation industry.

Collaborative Partnership

ACP and the Siemens Foundation are actively engaged in garnering the support and participation of a wide network of industry partners, educational stakeholders and national leaders who will advance the cause of this initiative towards building a more productive workforce, eco-friendly environment and sustainable future for generations to come.

DeKalb County will serve as the pilot for this program which will be replicated nation-wide. The launch will feature some of the means and methods in which ACP, with the support of the Siemens Foundation, be affecting change in the community as this program rolls out to a nation-wide audience.

We are excited about the prospects that lie ahead and the future of the BAS industry!