ACP’s providing access to shared resources is a mark of our commitment to collective wisdom and collaborative spirit necessary to resolve the challenges impacting BAS education, training, certification, and workforce issues.

Our featured resources, in the form of research reports, technical articles, concept papers, industry guidelines, etc. provide recommendations and information based on sound facts, verifiable data, and logic models. Through open or secured access-based resources, ACP’s educational endeavors shall strive to disseminate content valued by all BAS stakeholders.

Research and Marketplace Reports

ACP’s research reports place an emphasis on marketplace needs and trends impacting BAS careers and workforce needs to prepare skilled professionals to succeed in the 21st-century economy. ACP’s unique perspective and research methodology provides outcomes deeply valued by BAS stakeholders at regional level. ACP customized reports provide solutions from nano-environment to global ecosystems on building automation and related professions.

BAS Jobs Assessment Summary Report

(Greater Los Angeles, CA)

This customized summary report is based on results and outcomes of a study conducted to characterize building automation and programmable logic controllers marketplace opportunities in Los Angeles and Orange counties, CA. The scope of this study serves an acute need for characterizing regional automation opportunities, often hidden behind confusing jargon resulting from marginally-defined career pathways into this emerging field.

Results of this study may provide some clarity on the part of job-seekers, program developers, and employers, as to how many opportunities exist, required skills of the positions, employment trends, and terminology used in job postings.


Technical Reports and Concept Papers

To increase awareness of and access to valuable grey literature in building automation and technology sector, ACP provides access through a growing number of working papers and technical reports in these areas. ACP’s technical reports and concept papers will inform our readers about state of the art BAS technical topics, share innovative concepts, and promote informed decision making based on information thoroughly vetted by professionals with a deep understanding of the issues valued by all BAS stakeholders.

Partner Reports

ACP features select or exclusive reports of interest to BAS community through collaborative partnerships. Published articles from trusted sources on topics aligned with ACP’s mission, as well as original articles by invited authors are available to strengthen efforts in promoting BAS careers pathways.

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